“Providing a welcoming environment for our clients…”

From Humble Beginnings

Conx Barberstore is a contemporary, modern male barbers rapidly evolving into a young, recognisable brand. Founded by Mitch Jones and based in Rhondda, South Wales. Conx is an abbreviation of ‘concrete’ a former byword of the local area, which holds strong sentimental value to us.

Our team comprises of a small group of friends, all with complimenting skills and great attention to detail. We value having a talented, creative team. This has allowed us to become a reputable, successful brand and assists us in providing a welcoming environment for our clients. We are constantly striving to progress and improve our products and services for our customers. Since our opening in 2018, our team has slowly expanded and will continue to do so in-line with our progression.

As a barbers our main goal is to provide the perfect balance between quality and efficiency for our customers. We always aim to develop personal relationships with clients, which typically develop into close friendships. We recognise that without these valued customers we would not be where we are today. Our popularity has increased exponentially and due to this continued high demand we are only able to take bookings in advance. If you would like to make a booking with us, simply get in touch.


Bringing a fresh approach to streetwear.

Conx Studio encompasses the lifestyle of our clientele and produces relaxed fits designed for everyday wear. We aim to bring a fresh approach to streetwear, providing comfortable products with something for everyone. Initially our designs primarily targeted the male market, but recent demand for womenswear has enabled the introduction of Alex to our team, allowing us to include womenswear within our product range.

As a brand we are extremely proud to say that each of our products is designed and manufactured in Britain. All fabrics are sourced by our design team, bringing the highest quality to our customer in the form of unique patterns and textures. We strive to provide transparency to our customer base, utilising social media to display each products story, offering behind-the-scenes insights into our design process and manufacturing techniques.

The definitive goal of our brand is to combine the crafts of design and barbering to create a unique, fluid experience which satisfies the needs of our customers.



Founder and Owner. Already has over 4 years of barbering experience. Leader of our great team.


The first addition to the team. An experienced barber with a great attention to detail.


Our studio leader. Very talented designer with lots of potential. Consistently producing quality pieces.